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Clamco Rollbag™ Magnum HS Med
Bagging System

Clamco Rollbag Magnum HS Med Bagger

Clamco Rollbag™ Magnum HS Med

Validatable Medical Bagger

The Magnum HS Med auto bagger is a validatable pouch sealing system for automatic packaging. The Magnum HS Med validatable pouch sealer is designed for cleanroom use and can package products at speeds of up to 40 bags per minute using Tyvek® poly or medical-grade paper poly rollstock. Products packaged on the Magnum HS Med are suitable for use with an autoclave or sterilizer. The Magnum HS Med validatable bagger features a control system that monitors all seal parameters and switches into alarm mode if any parameter goes out of range. External ports on this medical bagger enable the user to reliably conduct the sealing parameter validation process. The Magnum HS Med can also communicate with a remote device for central monitoring.

The Rollbag Magnum HS Med delivers a number of key benefits to the customer, and is a perfect fit for a dynamic, fast-moving production environment. The validatable bagger is easy to use, accommodates a variety of packaging materials and sizes, adapts quickly to changing production demands, and requires very little maintenance. When all the benefits are combined, the result will lead to a significantly lowered total cost of ownership.

Validation Benefits

  • Fully validatable automatic bagging system for packaging medical devices in Tyvek pouches
  • Controls and ports provide validation and calibrations of key sealing parameters
  • Pressure and temperature sensors triggers alarm and stops the cycle when out of the preset bands
Clamco Color Touchscreen

Operator friendly color touchscreen

Clamco Medical Bagger Up Close

Make and seal pouches with tubing

Uses Tyvek® poly or medical-grade paper poly rollstock

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